Main Street Revitalization Grant

Thank you for your interest in the DEED Main Street Revitalization Program administered by Northland Foundation! In May 2022, the Northland Foundation was awarded a Main Street Economic Revitalization grant of $3 million from the Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development (DEED) to serve three main street corridors: Tower/Ely, International Falls and Cook County.

More information about the State program can be found here:

If you have any questions while completing this application, please contact Amanda Vuicich, Northspan and/or Michael Colclough


Applications are due by Friday, October 14th at 5:00 PM


Main Street Revitalization Grant Eligibility

Business and non-profit entities are eligible

Businesses must be in the designated commercial corridor:

  • Cook County: Highway 61 North, between Schroeder and the Grand Portage Reservation, including the Gunflint Trail
  • International Falls/Koochiching County:
    • Highway 71 from 3rd Ave to 6th Ave in downtown International Falls
    • Highway 11 East & West, between the community of Birchdale to the west of International Falls and Black Bay to the east of International Falls
    • Highway 53 between Van Lynn Road and 4th Street
    • South Koochiching County, Highway 71 between Northome and Grand Falls
  • Tower & Ely: Highway 169 North between Tower and Ely and surrounding areas

Grant Requirements

  • Grant awards can cover up to 30% of a project’s cost
  • Maximum grant award is $750,000
  • Grants must be matched with nonstate/nonfederal funds at 200% of the state’s portion of the grant (2:1 match)
    • Note: Iron Range Resources (IRRR) grants and/or loans are eligible match funding
  • Project must have secured commitments for all required matching funds and all required development approvals before a leveraged grant may be distributed
  • Per 2020 Minnesota Statutes 116J.871, prevailing wage requirements under Minnesota Statutes 177.41 through 177.44 apply to all recipients receiving more than $200,000 in grants or $500,000 in loan proceeds.

For more information of prevailing wage requirements see here

Grant Fund Uses

Eligible uses:

  • Repair, or renovation of real property
  • Building construction
  • Landscaping
  • Demolition or site preparation
  • Predesign or design
  • Engineering
  • Non-publicly owned infrastructure
  • Related site amenities

Ineligible uses:

  • Purchase of real estate or business operations
  • Short-term rental development – such as properties specifically designed for AirBnB/VRBO/etc.
  • Business operating expenses, such as:
    • Inventory
    • Wages
    • Working capital