Business Park & 17th Ave Expansion

The project consists of the development and expansion of the Ely Business Park. The Ely EDA has expanded our Business Park because there are few if any available lots for development in the city. Our Business Park is located on reclaimed railroad and mining property that was acquired by the City of Ely when the mines closed over 50 years ago. Using this old mining property for Business Park development will allow further economic development of Ely. Bordering the property are snowmobile trails and a non-motorized trail system which are attractive amenities for future development.

The Business Park expansion project consists of the site development of 7.5 acres of City owned property for light industrial/manufacturing type businesses and paving of Miners Drive from the Revenue Building to 17th Avenue East. The site can be subdivided and is equipped with utilities and has been graded and is available for immediate occupancy.

The 17th Ave expansion and upgrade is a project that has had a longtime wait for funding. Located adjacent to both the Vermillion Community College and several private employers, the project has relieved both safety and access issues of major consequence. A sidewalk was installed allowing for safe student passage to college housing, off the street.

Additionally, the upgrade of the street allows 4 season traffic access to the businesses where passage was almost impossible during poor weather conditions.

The economic impact of the Business Park will include developable areas for business expansion, attraction of new investments into the city and assists with the expansion of our tax base. Business expansion creates new jobs or retains jobs. Construction of the business park infrastructure has created or retained construction type jobs. Each new or retained job and business creates spin off economic activity in Ely.

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Services Utilized

  • Commercial Redevelopment Grant Program
  • Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDOT)
  • Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation (IRRRB)
  • The Ely Economic Development Authority