Without sugarcoating it, this year has been hard on the small business sector. In our region, communities depend on small businesses. And as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, so do the long-term economic impacts.

The business community has weathered unimaginable challenges this year, but they’ve also seen some great wins. Below are some highlights.

  • 405 New Business Loans
  • 247 Entrepreneur Fund Clients Accessed Individual Emergency Financing Loans (COVID-19 Related)
  • 170 Entrepreneur Fund Clients Accessed COVID-19 Related Counseling Services
  • 143 Local Loan Programs Created
  • 37 Paycheck Protection Program Loans (CARES Act Financing)
  • 21 New Businesses Opened in the Region
  • 7 Ignite Webinars Provided Information, Resources and Support

To access the Entrepreneur Fund’s COVID-19 Resources click here, and read our blog to learn how we became a trusted resource of information for businesses during a global pandemic.

originally published by The Entrepreneur Fund